For my latest trip to Tokyo I was faced with having to choose a hotel that was centrally located (whatever that means in a huge city), had all the bells and whistles I want, and satisfied my need for “something special”. Cue The Tokyo Station Hotel!

The name does give away part of the surprise — the hotel is actually inside Tokyo Station, one of Japan’s busiest. On the outside it looks like a beautiful brick building, almost out of place amidst the glass and concrete of its taller neighbours. On the inside, it feels grand, oozing class, but also very warm thanks to the amazing staff at the reception and the concierge desk. On the upper floors, where we find the rooms, suites and The Atrium breakfast area, the atmosphere is rather cosy yet stylish.

During this trip I stayed in a Dome Side room, which gives you the rather unique experience of actually having a view of the inside of Tokyo Station.

Nothing beats falling asleep while watching people rush by.

View from the room

The room itself is a bit smaller than what I’m used to, but it comes with all the luxury amenities, including a very large walk-in shower. Electric plugs are of the Japanese kind, so just pick up an adapter from the concierge. Breakfast is served in The Atrium on the 4th floor — the buffet offers plenty of choice, and there’s a chef on hand for the egg lovers.

The location of the hotel, right in the middle of the bubble that is formed by Chiyoda and Chuo, was perfect for me. Nearly everything in those two wards is just a short(ish) walk away, and that includes the Imperial Palace and surrounding gardens, the entire Marunouchi and Ginza districts, Hibiya Park, and even the crazy geekiness of Akihabara. The hotel neighbourhood itself is quite tranquil, so there is plenty of peace and quiet to come back to in the evening.

Tokyo Station dome (and a reflection of a chandelier in my room)

What amazed me most about this place is the service and the attention to detail. From the moment I was greeted at the train (book the free “meet & greet” for this) to the duty manager who “welcomed me home” when I came back from a shopping trip, and the warm helpfulness of the hotel porters — this hotel rocks.

Recommended? For sure!

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