Welcome to my unusual travel blog! I love to travel, and when I am gallivanting around the world, I make it a point not to be a tourist, but rather a traveler, trying to blend in as a local. And that seems to work — I am more often than not being asked for directions when I am in Hong Kong, occasionally people I have never seen before invite me inside their house for food and drinks, and at the same time I keep trying to encourage people to cross the street in Ho Chi Minh City (which, as we all know, takes some blind faith).

So what makes this blog unusual?

Travel for me starts when I leave the house, and not when I arrive at my destination. So I will not only write about those two days getting lost in Prague, but also about that first class flight on Christmas eve between London and Doha, or about that amazing hotel in New York. In some cities, you will see me flock to a couple of museums, and in others I will meander around them. You will read about bars or restaurants I went to, or which areas I loved or abhorred. It may also become evident that my travel style is a bit… weird. I do fly “premium class”, but during the same trip, you might hear me rave about the most amazing lunch I had in a non-descript tourist-free little dump an hour outside of Bangkok. I have friends in most of the places I travel to, so most of the insights you read will be from a “local” point of view.

So it’s unusual and eclectic!

Basically, this blog is about my life on the road, and how I experience whatever comes at me. I hope you enjoy it!